Namejet Auctions Ends 48 hours!

These domains end in 48 hours! Some very nice Steals! at $69 you can’t beat the price. Great Resale potential! (for direct links check below) – great set of 88 98 – 778 – 882 – 88 9 22 88 99 8 – 420 refers to weed. The young people love weed and love their sneakers. Great combo of terms together. Eyecatching for youth. 888 is the luckiest number for Chinese. 8 three times? is very lucky. a and sneakers is a very big market. – 8 is lucky to Chinese. EB5 refers to the American scheme of getting global investors to invest $500,000 in America in exchange for getting American Citizenship. – Any is very good keyword similar to All. combine with Sneakers. This domain is a winner for $69 bid. – VR and Sex is huge! for search terms. doesn’t get any better! Cam? VR? and Sex? for $69? buy and develop and make money with vr content affiliate programs. – The application of Bitcoin (BTC) is huge in the real estate market. Realtor is a common real estate term. SOMEONE will WANT this domain! – crytocurrency is huge! combine with IOT? even huger! – visit to get an idea why this domain is valuable. – India has the second highest population in the world. If this was would you doing it’s value? for $69? – Hindu is the religion for 1 Billion Indians. Many live overseas. the application of VR with religion is HUGE! This is understood by all domainers.

For Full List of over 900 domain auctions with No Reserve go to

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